Research Fellow at ASU’s Center for Organization Research and Design

I am pleased to have been selected to serve as a Research Fellow in Arizona State University’s new Center for Organization Research and Design, founded by Barry Bozeman. Here’s more info on CORD:

The Center for Organization Research and Design (CORD) promotes, supports and conducts fundamental research on public, nonprofit, and hybrid organizations and their design, focusing particularly, though not exclusively, on knowledge-based and science intensive-organizations. CORD performs research on governmental organizations but typically in the context of public-private relations and partnerships, sector blurring, dimensional publicness, and nonprofit and third sector interactions. CORD strives to integrate its organization and management work with public policy theory, research and practical policy advice. While CORD has no formal curricular or degree component, a major element of its mission is to serve as a training site and a research resource for postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students from the variety of academic disciplines.